“I love luxury.
And luxury lies not in richness and ornateness but in the absence of vulgarity.
Vulgarity is the ugliest word in our language.
I stay in the game to fight it.”

Coco Chanel


Salearancio, taste and colors, the soul of Salina, a place where you can let your senses dress you. High quality clothes/garments and accessories, selected from Italian and international brands invested in carefully researching fabrics and materials made in Italy. Mixing instinct and dedication, a hisoric shop of ideas for those who want to feel pampered and unique.

Follie di casa

Follie di Casa, an intimate and mazy stone-built climb takes you to the rooms where Maria and Gianpiero's follies find authentic display. Ceramics, utensils, statues and furniture of original craftmanship from all over the world will provide what you need to decorate your home with style and charater.”



Avant Toi – Benaras – Devotion Twins – Dusan – Eka – Ibrigu – Khadi – Labo Art – Moismont -Prive 02 04 – Suzusan – Un-namable – Yukai


Ayalabar – Faliero Sarti – Lac Milano – Laura Urbinati – Meker Kakalia – Mondelliani – My Bob – Stefano Poletti


Numero 10 – Epice – Sposami Stupido – Zilla – Palorosa – Ibeliv – Susan Bijl – Natura Ha

Follie di casa

Ceramics – accessories – lamps – furnishing batik – antiques – vegetable fiber baskets