“I love luxury.
And luxury lies not in richness and ornateness but in the absence of vulgarity.
Vulgarity is the ugliest word in our language.
I stay in the game to fight it.”

Coco Chanel


A name which is born in our search for the union of colors, flavours, italian perfumes, a space where the quest for design is an itinerary that starts withwatching with our hands and touching with our eyes, where elegance is a puzzle composed of the essence of every one of us, where the limits of the search do not have limits if not in the quality of the raw materials involved, where the made in… must be a real guarantee of quality.



Majo – Numero 10 – Cecchi de Rossi – Virreina 1958 – Maria Luisa Craia – Faliero Sarti


Laura Urbinati – I Costumi di Sicilia – Natura Ha – Bonne Maison – Mondelliani – Scunzani – Gocce creative – Magma – Lenez


Labo Art – Avan Toi – Massimo Alba – La Bottega di Brunella – Siyu – Le Sarte Pettegole – Walter Voulaz – QL2 – Sartoria Vico – Suzusan – Vlas Bloome – A.b – Ismara

Follie di casa

Carlo Moretti – Giacomo Alessi – My Drap – Normann Copenhagen – Danye Decoracion – Opinel – Bashu Hamono – Chiara Metelli …The search for artisans in the world